Noodles and Catan, still life digital painting by me

2022.01.19 07:03 DeadBeetDoodles Noodles and Catan, still life digital painting by me

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2022.01.19 07:03 SimonBellz I've updated my Moonlight Greatsword's sprite and also made new, low res one.

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2022.01.19 07:03 lagfx9 I don't want Battlefield to die, it is part of my life.

it makes me very sad to see the franchise dying. I've been playing call of duty before battlefield, it was such a big upgrade for me to switch to battlefield, large scale battles, big dynamic map changes it felt like nothing else I've had experienced. god I miss the destruction of Bad company 2, and the head of time battlefield 3. I'm still stuck with bf4, it is timeless and full of content, can't get bored playing it. it is so hard to see how battlefield is now, it's just trying to kill it's core which made battlefield a battlefield game. I swear battlefield was one of the big reason I'm chasing film VFX industry, especially FX. it's crazy to see how cool the destruction, debris, particles, fire,smoke and explosions look like and in realtime. I'm very sad to what is happening to my all time favorite franchise, because this is what I play the most but I do get it, this is how it works out sometimes. I'm still sticking to older battlefields tho, as long as they won't touch them I'm good. have a nice day all.
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2022.01.19 07:03 LiterallyJustDev Marvels Spider-Man 2: What game mechanics/villains/do you think WILL be implemented?

Pretty basic question. I was scrolling thru the backpacks in Spider-Man ps4 remastered, and I was checking out Lizards blood. After hearing rumors that Lizard would pop up again in 2 and since Kraven is in town (similar to Raimis SM3 game), they may fight or he may be enhanced somehow. I also think Morbius will be in this, and I think the Spider-Light might actually be a tool you can use in 2 to stun Morbius. Creative right? I’m personally assuming some of the villains with animal/bug/arachnid titles will be targeted by Kraven like a bingo game. Insomniac will likely recreate the Black Suit Spider-Man vs Sinister 6 again from Spectacular Spider-Man, just to show off his power. Any other ideas/callbacks you guys feel they might try?
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2022.01.19 07:03 plugindeals Strum GS-2 by Applied Acoustics Systems - 50% Off - Only $99 - You get NUMB by New Nation Software for FREE

Strum GS-2 by Applied Acoustics Systems - 50% Off - Only $99 - You get NUMB by New Nation Software for FREE
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2022.01.19 07:03 ms_ryoko_chan [INFO] What is this Subreddit about?

This Subreddit is about the Truth you get from Pascal in Animal Crossing when you trade shells with him. They are extremely deep and full of wisdom. How can one not love the truth coming from Pascal!!!
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2022.01.19 07:03 RedTideStories [Satirical fiction] Civility

"One small step forward, one giant leap for civility." - Beijing Department of Hygiene
“Hurry up, the show’s gonna start!” Sammy bounced up and down the couch excitedly.
“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Emily cheered on as she clapped her hands along with her brother’s jumps.
“Put a sock in it, I’m getting there.” Their father’s fingers sprawled across the remote control, flicking through various commercials and shows at rapid-fire. A man briefly being chased by a kangaroo, then caricatures of three smiling men, and then an old lady spreading some brown viscosity on some toast.
“You skipped it!” Sammy landed harder onto the couch to protest.
“You skipped it!” Emily echoed after him louder.
Tapping one channel back, their parents hushed them as the caricatures transitioned away. Threatening them to send them straight to bed was an extremely effective tactic.
Three middle-aged men burst from the backstage, each wearing ridiculously extravagant outfits that shouted primary colours to the eyes. Red. Blue. Yellow. Comical as it might seem, the blue man looked as if he had tripped on something, bumping right into his colleagues in front like human dominos. Luckily they managed to brace the force and continue to head onto the stage, where flashing lights darted frantically all over it until the three men made it to the center. Then came darkness. Then came a blinding light. Before everyone could adjust to their surroundings, the three men spread their arms out in a welcoming pose, smiles widened from ear to ear. A second did not even pass and speakers around started blasting mediocre electronic music, but it was certainly near deafening. However, that did not faze the three men. Once the cue was given, the three amateurs danced a poorly choreographed routine, though slightly out of sync with each other, it was obvious they seemed to have put quite a bit of work into doing this. Something that could arguably be called a moonwalk and lots of thrusting and moving about in the hips. Finally, the music was replaced with drum rolls and the three froze back into their original positions, massive smiles and arms wide open to welcome their audience.
Sammy and Emily, also struggling to be in two of the men’s poses, were huffing and puffing right after they did a less elegant version of the dance as it involved more of spinning in circles on the spot to improvise and lots of giggling. The two barely managed to get back to the couch with their parents in a straight line afterwards.
“Jeez, I swear I’ll get a heart attack the next time I do this again.” The red man in the middle with a ridiculously high-pitched voice came out of position, wiping his sizable forehead with his sleeves. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I’m your host Erik!” He began waving at the audience and naturally, they began to cheer.
“That’s literally what you say every single episode old man!” The blue man on the right patted his back. “Though I must say your dance moves have put mine to shame! Hey there youse! I’m your host Cash!” Again, a cheer from the audience greeted him.
“Are you sure you’re not being cheeky and practiced that at home all the time?” The yellow man on the left came closer to the two. “Glad to see ya again mates, I’m your host Gerry!”
“And we’re the Extremely Invincible Triad!” All of them said in synchrony, taking a step forward and waving their hands at the audience once again. This immediately summoned a roar of cheers, a gush of flares just at the front of the stage, and a gush of dry ice clouds by their feet.
“Crikey!” Erik stumbled back, careful not to lose his balance doing so. “It gets me every time!” His second line was said in sync with the audience.
“Well, I guess that proved what I just said!” Cash threw his hands at his sides and raised his eyebrows.
“Quit messing around with Erik, Cash!” Although Gerry said that, he could not seem to control his laughter and started laughing uncontrollably. His uncanny laughter was somewhat contagious, a few in the audience soon followed chuckling as they found the particular way he laughed ridiculously humorous. Rather than dying out, the giggles were tickling everyone’s minds, and soon every single mouth was wide open laughing with Gerry.
“Alrighty guys, let’s get to business,” Erik announced once everyone managed to regain their composure. “This show is proudly brought to you by our grand sponsor, Hawawa water! As a token of thanks for coming here, everyone in the studio gets a week’s supply of Hawawa distilled water! Remember, always stay hydrated! Hawawa!” The audience responded by clapping and the cameras panned to staff distributing bottled water to them.
“Let’s delay no more and introduce today’s contestants!” Gerry looked to the side of the stage and extended his hand towards it. “First we put our hands together for John Maurice!”
A large white-haired man stepped onto the stage smiling as the spotlight shined upon and followed him right next to the triad as the show’s mini-motif filled the room. After shaking each of their hands, John turned to the audience and waved at them enthusiastically.
“Well, how do you feel about being selected to come here, John?” Cash patted him on the back. “Do tell us about yourself.”
“Cheers mate, thanks for having me here. I’m John Maurice, I work in Sydney as a policeman and I am very happy to be here!” A burst of cheers and claps followed after his introduction.
“Awesome!” Gerry added. “Without further ado, let’s call in our other contestant! Dominic Ives!” He extended his hand towards the other end of the stage.
Again with the spotlights and mini-motif playing, a younger-looking man with a receding hairline stepped from that side of the stage and proceeded to shake the hands of the hosts before waving to everyone again.
“G’day! My name’s Dom Ives and I’m an accountant from Melbourne! Feels amazing to be here! Clap louder if you’re from Melbourne!” A massive roar from the audience erupted right after he said that. The camera panned to some twenty or thirty people standing up and jumping in excitement, some even hugging each other or even on the verge of tears while doing so.
“Alright alright you cheeky peeps, the show must go on!” Erik stood between John and Dom, having to tiptoe to pat their shoulders. “Youse know how the show works!”
“Win some prizes, get surprises!” Cash, Gerry, and the audience chanted in unison.
“Exactly!” Erik replied. “Two challengers, but only one winner!”
“Ooooh...” The audience remarked.
“Right chaps, head on to your podium and let’s start round one!” Erik tiptoed again and gave John and Dom another pat on the shoulders, as Cash and Gerry led them to where they should be. “This round is sponsored by Papa Ali. Everyone in the audience gets a $50 voucher when purchasing with Papa Ali online!” A torrent of vouchers came raining from the ceiling and the camera pans to the audience, all in shock and awe, frantically clutching handfuls of them and stuffing them into their pockets.
“I wish we could be there so we could also get prizes...” Sammy looked at his father to see whether that could be made a reality, only to be given a smile and pats on the head.
“And we’re the Extremely Invincible Triad!” The camera focuses on the triad and they formed their signature pose, arms extended, and waving their hands, saying their catchphrase out loud.
“All these prizes they’re giving out makes me feel like I could fly!” Erik laughed as he stood behind the podium for hosts.
“That’s literally what you say every single episode old man!” Cash gave a playful slap on his shoulder. The audience laughed along with him.
“The rules are simple! We ask a question, you push the buzzer to answer and get points if you’re right!” Gerry announced. “Ready? Let’s go!” A ridiculously comical sound effect of what sounded like a poorly-played trumpet burst into the room, followed by the cheers in the audience.
“Here we go! Question one.” Erik pulled out a deck of cards, with preposterous caricatures of the show’s hosts facing the camera. “How do you say ‘mom’ in Mandarin?”
John immediately blurted out as soon as he pressed the buzzer. “Màmǎ.”
For a moment, there was silence.
“Could you repeat that again please, John?” Cash asked.
Màmǎ.” He said in confidence. Instead of cheers and claps, he was only to be greeted with the sad trombone overture.
“I think that means ‘scolding a horse’.” Cash turned to Gerry.
“I think he’s right.” Gerry turned to Erik, who immediately burst into his signature laughter to which the crowd joined in. The camera focused on John’s face, pure disbelief that he got it wrong.
Dom pressed the buzzer once it all calmed down. “Mom is māma.”
“Correct! You get points! Next question!” Erik flipped another card over to read. The points on Dom’s counter went up. “Something more challenging. What’s ‘ice cream’?”
John gave another attempt as he slammed the buzzer. “Xuěgāo.”
“I’m afraid this is not officially endorsed vocabulary, John,” Gerry replied. “We can’t accept it as an answer.”
“Even I’m better than him in Mandarin.” Emily folded her arms in disapproval, her brother quickly tried invalidating her statement but the squabble was prematurely stopped by their mother who spotted the first signs of a fight promptly.
Dom said without hesitation. “Ice cream is bīngqílín.”
“And that is correct!” Exclaimed Erik as Dom’s counter went up again. “ Maybe that was still too easy. Next one: ‘antelope’.”
Dom pressed the buzzer before John could even think of the word. “Antelope is língyáng.”
“Next. Muscle.”
“Muscle is jīròu.”
“Robot is jīqìrén.”
“Giving up halfway.”
“Giving up halfway is bàntú'érfèi.”
“China. The full name please.”
“The People’s Republic of China is Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó.”
As the counter updated, some people in the audience stood up and cheered. “Melbourne is proud of you!” could be barely heard amongst them.
“Dominic, Dominic! My man!” Erik looked at him in awe. “That was amazing! You’re already at 120 points! This is a record for the show!” The claps and cheers grew louder like wildfire.
"You need to do some catching up, John," Gerry commented.
“Last question!” Cash took over Erik’s stack of cards. “Ooh, this is going to be impossible. What’s the catchphrase to Zhang Weijian’s Journey to the West?”
The entire studio stared at John, even his competitor Dom with his arms folded. He could feel his face red and beads of sweat trickling down his temples. Eventually exchanging eye contact, Dom slowly pressed the buzzer who took a deep breath before he leaned in for the microphone.
Wǒ shì Rúláifózǔ Yùhuángdàdì Guānyīnpúsà zhǐdìng qǔ xījīng tèpài shǐzhě Huāguǒshān Shuǐliándòng Měihóuwáng Qítiāndàshèng Sūn Wùkōng!1” The words flowed seamlessly out of his mouth. When he was done he stared at the camera and smirked. “Shuài dào diàozhā!\**2” The entire studio erupted way more than it had before, the audience nearly put the audio system to shame. The Melburnians who appeared on the screen before were shaking each other even more than ever. There probably was one person among them who even fainted. Erik slammed the cards onto the table in amazement, hitting his hand and yelping in pain as he waved it in the air. In the midst of confusion, he accidentally stepped onto Cash’s and Gerry’s feet and both of them were jumping around on their other foot in pain.
The children were jumping up and down the couch again, repeating the first few syllables of the sentence before mumbling something long and unintelligible before shouting the last phrase at the top of their lungs in a pose. Their mother’s jaw dropped, still processing what had happened, while their father who would normally hush them down within seconds decided to let this slide after all.
Once everything subsides, Erik walked towards Dom while rubbing his hand, while Cash and Gerry were limping over as well.
“That was amazing, Dom!” Erik tiptoed again to pat his back, before yelping in pain as he realized he used his hurt hand, then switching over to the other. “Do tell us your secrets?”
“Oh, it was really nothing mate.” Dom looked at the camera. “All I have is just a passion for Chinese dramas and a lovely Chinese wife. I love you, Xuefeng!” He threw a kiss in the air.
The cameras panned to the audience once again, where the spotlight landed on a Chinese lady in the midst of the crowd, with two mixed-race children sitting next to her not expecting what to do. The lady stood up, smiled, and threw a kiss back while trying to get her children to wave back at their father. The crowd cheered on to that, followed by a heartwarming ‘aww’.
“Let’s have a look at the scores!” Gerry pointed at the counters. “Since that was a super-duper hard one, that adds Dom’s total up to a whopping 300 points!”
“Crikey! That’s 300 times higher than the expectations of my wife!” Erik was bewildered and even Cash and Gerry could not help but laugh along with that joke he made.
“But John here’s got zero points.” Cash gave a look of disapproval. “Maybe try harder next time.”
“Boo!” Emily mirrored her brother, with her thumbs pointing down in the air.
“Congratulations! You’ve undeniably won in this episode!” Erik immediately grabbed Dom by his hand and started to shake it frantically. “Let’s see what you’ve won!”
Gerry took out a few boards that resembled gifts and began to unwrap them for Dom.
“Your first prize is a cash cheque of $50,000” Gerry announced.
“On top of that, you also get 4 Weihua’s latest smartphones that are worth $20,000!“ Cash uncovered another board to reveal the next prize
“And last but not least, you win 4 tickets to a week’s trip at Lhasa, China! There you and your family will be able to experience the Chinese culture to its fullest!” Erik announced the final prize.
The room bustled into cheers and clapping, confetti came pouring down from the ceiling like the vouchers earlier. The show’s victory motif was somewhat overshadowed by the audience. All whilst everyone was elated and happy for Dom, little did John notice that there were two larger men in uniform just standing behind him. Upon realizing this, he yelped and took a few steps forward. But that was responded to by the men taking a few steps forward as well.
“Wait. What’s this?” Confused by the situation, John tried to get away from them, going as far from them as possible by climbing over his podium to not get cornered but to no avail. The uniformed men grabbed him by the arm from the back and slammed his face onto the podium to pin him down, echoing the entire studio. Recollecting himself from the impact, he gasped. “What... What’s the meaning of this?”
“Mate, you’ve scored dangerously low in the game.” Cash threw his hands up in the air as if this situation could not be helped. “And by law, you would have to... Wait for it...” He turned his head to the crowd and put his open hand near his ear.
“Go to the Ranch!” Samy, Emily, and the audience said in unison.
“That’s right ladies and gentlemen!” Gerry agreed and smiled. ‘John needs to go to the Ranch for reeducation! Let’s hope that will improve his Mandarin when he comes back out. If he does manage that is.“
“No! You can’t do this to me!” The uniformed men began dragging him towards the end of the stage. “I’m a human being! I’ve human rights! Stop this right now!”
“Now, now. Looks like our contestant didn’t read all the terms and conditions when he signed up!” Cash walked over and exclaimed to the crowd who were jeering at the clueless John who seemed desperate for answers. From his flamboyant suit, he produced a folded stack of paper from an inner pocket. There he let it unfold comically as the continuous sheet reached his feet as he produced a pair of glasses from another pocket. “Ahem, let’s see what we have here to remind John with. Hmm, that’s not it, not it, not it. Ah, here we go: under Article 32 of the Australian Special Economic Zone, in preparation for the next stage of integration with the Mainland as an overseas province, failure to achieve Level 3-B proficiency in Mandarin, which you clearly were not able to demonstrate just now, is to be remedied by mandatory relocation to the Ranch! But of course, Australia is a proud democracy and you would definitely have the right to submit a counsel if you think this is utterly unfair, which it clearly is not.”
“And for you audience, here’s a game that has prizes for you!” Erik turned to the crowd with a grin from ear to ear. “Now, now. The first 100 people who snap a photo of him now on stage and post that on social media with #shameonyou_johnmaurice will win $150 worth of Mengyang dairy products! Now snap away before he gets pulled off the stage! Did you get it? Good for you! If not, there’s always the next episode!”
“And that’s all to it mate!” Gerry did his signature pose as he said it. “Cheers for watching!”
“And remember!” Cash came over to Gerry and did his signature pose as well. “There’s only 79 days left until Mandarin becomes official and English becomes prohibited!”
“So make sure you too brush up your Mandarin, ladies, and gentlemen!” Erik stood between the two and posed as well. “And we’re the Extremely Invincible Triad!"
"Until next time, zàijiàn!3
With that, the television screen blacked out after a click of a button. Sammy and Emily were ushered back to their bedrooms as the two argued over whose Mandarin was better for possibly the thousandth time.
1 I, was sent by the Buddha, Jade Emperor and Avalokiteśvara as a messenger to obtain the Western sūtras, am the Handsome Monkey King of Flowers Fruit Mountain and Water Curtain Cave, The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Sun Wukong!
2 So handsome, your jaws'll drop!
3 Goodbye!
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2022.01.19 07:03 MonotonousSolid Reggie Bennett (1990s) Pro Wrestler who was big gaijin heel in joshi promotions. Had some bangers with Mariko Yoshida and Yumiko Hotta

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2022.01.19 07:03 Professional_Fix3945 LPT: If you want to get the taste of toothpaste / mouthwash away, try gargling a little sparkling water. It will get rid of the taste much better than regular water

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2022.01.19 07:03 AccomplishedFennells I'm very excited to drink out of it all the time!

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2022.01.19 07:03 Kind_Mulberry_3512 What's one thing that was really good 20 years ago which isn't so good anymore?

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2022.01.19 07:03 HJ7888 Hello, i want to make comics speed line, but i can't find how to draw lines from a point. When i search online i only found Brushes or image with speed lines, but i want to draw them myself. thankyou !

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2022.01.19 07:03 theideaguy_ Roast my Idea. Making websites more Human.

A SaaS tool that can be used on websites to have live/ asynchronous audio conversations between customers and the company executive. As well as the ability to screen share or go on live calls right from the website to give product demo, AMAs, etc. No hassle of sharing meeting links or scheduling. Increase human engagement, conversion right at the moment just like a sales rep guiding you through a physical showroom to make a purchase.
Grill me hard, and guide me better. TIA
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2022.01.19 07:03 heowowowo 22[F4M] available for sexy fun

Add my snap anner_s22
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Link to the originial UA Moonbeam Medium
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2022.01.19 07:03 kozuesama Why did you guys hate the burn damage buff back in 1.1?

Burn damage is currently negligible and serves no other purpose other than as a catalyst for reactions. I understand the annoyance for overload, but burning? Signora has a similar mechanic to burn but instead of it being on the ground, there's a gauge you need to get rid of to avoid damage. Burn damage does a similar thing but you can avoid that with cleanse and shields. Corrosion was introduced and was a lot worse than the burning buff but no one complained about it?
I would've loved to see monsters giving you a harder time buy setting things on fire and making you avoid it. Perhaps using that to your advantage as well and make grass burning deal significant damage to monsters or get rid of shields. Currently gameplay involves just running up to monster and killing it as fast as you can and Mihoyo's solution to that is to add invulnerable phases? I would've loved to see more variety in how we deal with monsters.
Was it because we had a lot of Diluc mains when the game started?
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2022.01.19 07:03 PurpleBox2961 Change My mind

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2022.01.19 07:03 HeStoleMyBalloons American Army nurse and wounded GI in a makeshift hospital, Leyte, Philippines. Photo by W. Eugene Smith. 1944. [1005x1024]

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2022.01.19 07:03 retro1337 can a lone trader become quantitative trader?

Please share if you hVE DEATILS with you
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2022.01.19 07:03 relgames Buying a massage chair

With WFH and lockdown stress, started to think on different ways to relax. Got an idea to buy a massage chair. But not seeing any good options in NL market, the ones I found are very expensive - 3k, 5k, 8k, and less expensive lack foot massage option.
Anyone can recommend a good one? In general, people who own one - is it worth it?
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